• LLOVEFOOTBALL is a company, an internet platform, that was created/founded for communication, sending messages, forming groups and social networks.

• The participation is free and begins automatically after the registration.

• There are two categories for the sharing of videos; members may publish their fun and talent videos. Especially the talent videos should be about your own Football/Soccer skills.

• The talent videos is for persons who want to contact you (soccer clubs, trainers, etc.) will apply at the LLOVEFOOTBALL company.

• LLOVEFOOTBALL is able to request fees. Or it can make an indirect agreement by using another contract.

• Like others, LLOVEFOOTBALL is also able to apply a direct work request. The cooperation is valid with a written contract.

• No member is engaged to cooperate and they may accept or reject requests.

• In case of a cooperation with a person previously, this may inactivate following requests and agreements.

• The first agreement is valid through its termination.

• The agreements compliant with the FIFA soccer rules, last for max. 2 years.

• The user is responsible for using the website. He agrees and declares that all his opinions, thoughts, expressions, comments and writings belongs to him and that LLOVEFOOTBALL is not responsible in no sense.

• The user may not enable any offense constituting a pursuance or unlawful cases on local, national or international level, or providing situations disturbing other users or promoting these terms. He may not contain or share any kind of illegal, threatening, abusive, libellous, vulgar, pornographic, abusive or unethical information on the website.

• User information will not be shared or sold to third parties in no way. This information may be used in statistical data without personalisation.

• LLOVEFOOTBALL declares and accepts that private passwords, e-mail addresses, information of credit cards will not be published, handed on or proclaimed in no way.

• Unless there is a legally pursuance or request, users are not allowed to share each kind of giving information with other people or companies.

• The users declare to get informative emails and reminder emails from LLOVEFOOTBALL.

• LLOVEFOOTBALL has the right to change and update the security policies.

• The liability for any data and registered information of participants during the use and registration on LLOVEFOOTBALL belong only to the participants. Data, information or data of third persons, which are according to the law inconsistent with the public morality and other regulations and will not be accepted. This type of information or data entries will be deleted immediately. The access of these members to the website will be prevented and the profile and/or the account will be temporarily or permanently disabled.

• The users accept that in case of an acting against the liabilities, they do not demur or contradict the mentioned measures and/or implementations that will be enforceable by LLOVEFOOTBALL.

• The members cannot benefit from using another account of another person or user. Otherwise, LLOVEFOOTBALL has the right to terminate the membership of the person affected and has the right to empower the technical protection measures of the website that prevent the use of profits until this moment in favour of these. In such a case, the member shall no longer access or try the website and if there are created or acquired rights in his account, he willl not claim that later.

• It is assumed that the user accepts that the information which are provided by LLOVEFOOTBALL may be used by LLOVEFOOTBALL for communication and promotion, if necessary.

• The use of the different processes that LLOVEFOOTBALL offers may cost differently. Therefore, every kind of processes, contracts, acquisitions or similar obligations are only valid between the parties and it is not allowed to act against the conditions of LLOVEFOOTBALL.

• With all the specified information about users who are on the database, LLOVEFOOTBALL has the right indefinitely and without a payment, to convert them into statistics and to contact you directly or indirectly, and to create any kind of advertising and marketing belonging to LLOVEFOOTBALL. To facilitate the identification of problems of the site and to solve them urgently, LLOVEFOOTBALL determines the IP addresses of the members and reserves the right to use them. The IP addresses are not just limited to this, they can also serve to determine the members and to collect extensive demographic information.
Who can registrate?

• All football supporters, football players, spectators and observers, etc..

• Fanatic babies may also registrate on the online tribune (fanlist) after their birth by their parents. Their names on the list will be marked with a BLUE or PINK point.

• Supporters from different countries may registrate, to support their favourite team.

All users of the website confirm that they have read, understood and accept all the information regarding the above mentioned conditions irrevocably.

The place of jurisdiction is Zurich, Switzerland.